We Won't Let You Sleep


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This is Vol. III in "The Trilogy" (a series of 4 LPs)


released April 28, 2017

Produced by DEAD
Recorded/Mixed by Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens, Los Angeles, August 2015.

Jace: Vox/Bass/Guitar
Jem: Drums/Vox

Kevin Rutmanis: Slide Bass on 5, 7 & 8
Toshi Kasai: Extra Guitars, Keys and Vox on 2, 4, 6, 7, 9



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WeEmptyRooms Melbourne, Australia

WeEmptyRooms is an independent label/promoter/distro operating out of Castlemaine, Vic, Australia. It is run by Jem and Jace who both play in DEAD.
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Track Name: Fingers As Arrows
Fastest and strongest and sweetest
How would they know?
Smartest and fittest and neatest
How would they know?

Punching the read outs
Checking the read outs

Longest and tallest and leanest
How would they know?
Tightest and cruelest and meanest
How would they know?

Punching the read outs
Checking the read outs

Happy Everyday
Happy Everyday
Almost Everyday

Thanks for leaving
You’ve gone and raised the bar
Ready for eating
Wonder who’ll find me this time
Track Name: Chartreuse Blew
Lie down, don’t peek
Lie down, except when you sleep
Eyes and smile
Wide and wild
Don’t let me sleep
We won’t let you sleep

Don’t peek
Track Name: Where's My Gold Star?
Cigarettes she tastes and smells
Kiss n smile but never tell
Shoes and socks run off her feet

Burning muscles sore and weak
Noisy tongues too tired to speak
Left alone it’s quiet and cold
He can’t see or smell or know
It’s a problem to be solved

With poison
Track Name: Frank Lee
Marching, marching, marching

What’s this talk of being fair?
Let’s step out and grab some air
Insist, but what will this achieve?
Cheeky bastards never leave

Marching, marching, marching
Track Name: Picking Teeth
Tired of waiting
Air so cold
Steps repeating

Lost my halo
Try to stand
Tall tales
Stop pretending

Now so old
Eyes run cold

No hear no say
Stuck inside
No hear no say
No reply
Track Name: Don't Skimp On The Change
Stale chatter floating about
Set the clocks and figure it out
Rich and hearty
The guilty party

Take position waiting it out
Tall and steady wiping his brow
Sharp and choosy
A sense of duty

Whisper backwards slowly

Regret that we don’t notice
We’re frightening for our size

Chasing me unconscious
We scream on wakeful nights
Your best won’t reassure me
The weirdos have arrived

Just bring what you’re wearing
Don’t let my cats outside
Regret that we don’t notice
We’re frightening for our size

We mean it!

Why look so surprised
We’re not such big guys
We’re frightening for our size
We’re not such big guys
Track Name: Pylons
Sweet and courageous
A popular choice
Moments of prowess
We wish you the best

Hell of a temper
A flick of the tail

These shaking hands
Are nothing
These shaking heads